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 What is a coach?

A coach is someone who stays with you through a difficult time in your life.  She will be there for you and empower you to once again find joy in your life.  She is someone who will listen and guide you, while keeping all you share confidential.  She will help you travel from heartbreak to happiness.


The purpose of a coach is to listen with compassion without any rescuing or "fixing"; and to create a safe, non-judgmental space.

My commitment as a coach is to:

  1. Support, love, and accept ~ not to condemn, analyze, "fix," or rescue.
  2. Respect you and give you my full attention.
  3. Listen to what you are saying and not make judgments
  4. Keep everything you say confidential

Diane is qualified to coach you through a variety of experiences:


Why is Diane the right Grief Coach for you?


She is a certified "From Heartbreak to Happiness" grief coach and the 2013 Coach of the Year for The Grief Coach Academy.  Her mission is to inspire and encourage women to cherish their body as God's masterpiece.  Diane also believes her purpose is to glorify God, share Christ and serve others; and she believes she can achieve this purpose through coaching.

Diane has been through the pain of being the fat girl and being made fun of.  She understands what it's like to not feel like she belonged and the heart ache of name calling.  You know the saying, "sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me".  What a lie!  The words hurt, they hurt badly and they stay with you forever!

However, with the help and guidance from business and grief coaches, Diane was able to release issues she had been holding onto for 40 years!!!  She learned how to love the person God made her to be and to forgive those who were hurtful and to release the past and move on with her life.  And, because of the peace and joy she found, she decided to become a coach.


You know how so many times a woman is challenged with keeping weight off or sticking to eating healthy?  Have you ever had the problem of feeling like your weight is a yo-yo?  Have you ever felt like a failure when it comes to taking care of the body God gave you?  Do you feel you are addicted to food and it has control over you?  Or, are you so afraid of gaining weight you become anorexic or bulimic? Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder how anyone could love you and why weren't you given the perfect body?  Do you compare yourself to the skinny girls and then look at them with jealousy?


One of the problems is we are bombarded by TV commercials and magazine articles with promises of quick weight loss and the perfect body; plus, many times the eating plan is unhealthy.  You spend your hard earned money on these programs only to gain back the weight, if any was lost.  And the the cycle starts again ~ feeling like a failure, wasting your money, dreading the thoughts of putting on your tight clothes or having to buy a larger size again; and then facing your family and friends who have made hurtful comments and feeling further ashamed.


Another problem when dealing with weight issues is learning to feel good about yourself.


The hardest thing for me after losing my weight was getting rid of the head talk. Remember how I mentioned I had been made fun of for so long and I just couldn't get rid of it?  Well an amazing thing happened for me; because of being coached by a Certified Grief Coach, I was able to release the fat girl I had held on to for over 40 years.  And, now, I want to help you release; to let go and to become all God intended you to be!


Diane now helps women focus on how special they are and helps them figure out ways to eat healthy and enjoy healthy foods as the weight comes off.  One of my clients shared how from one idea I gave her she lost 10 pounds!  Another client shares how she has now stopped overeating.

Do you know what this could mean to you?


It could mean not only releasing the physical weight, but you could also have an emotional weight release ~ you could fall in love with yourself again.  You can now cherish and respect the body God gave you and have peace of mind because you chose to have a coach who guided and cared about you!


When you coach with Diane your experience will be caring and confidential.  Diane will listen to your story ~ this time will be all about you and how together, we can bring you to a place of peace, joy, happiness and fulfillment.  If you want to love and cherish yourself more, simply click on the Contact page and send your information.  Diane will contact you.


If this doesn't describe you, but someone you care about, please have them check out this site.


Why is Diane the right Direct Sales & Network Marketing Coach for you?


As a leader in a Direct Sales business for over 30 years, Diane knows the ins and outs and the ups and downs of network marketing. In 2014, Diane added her certification as a Direct Sales coach.


In my own experience with Direct Sales, there were times I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t achieving more. I had all the “secrets”, so I thought. I was holding appointments, moving up the career path, yet, I wasn’t achieving at the level I wanted to achieve.

It wasn’t until I started being coached that I discovered “why” I wasn’t reaching my goals. It was the six inches between the ears! I had so much “stuff” I was hanging onto from my past. I was allowing limiting beliefs about myself and my abilities to stop me from being my best. Plus, I realized how negative my talk was – I didn’t think it was, however, I learned what it meant to speak disempowering words.


What about you? Could you get excited to discover why you aren’t reaching your dreams and goals? What kind of “stuff” do you have buried deep inside just waiting to be released? Would you like to learn how to speak to yourself and others with empowering words? Could you get really excited about getting rid of your limiting beliefs and creating beliefs to move you forward, allowing you to achieve your heart’s desire?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then contact Diane right now for a free strategy session and find out how she can be your guide and support to an empowering life.


Why is Diane the right NLP Coach for you?


NLP – what is it? NLP, Neuro-linguistic Programming, is seeing how the mind, language and body interplay.


When I was younger, I remember hearing, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” I really wasn’t sure what that meant, except, it was important to study and make good grades. However, as I’ve been in the coaching field, I’ve learned just how powerful our minds are. I’ve learned how powerful our words affect the subconscious mind. For example, did you know the subconscious mind doesn’t comprehend or hear the word “not”? If a child is about to run in the street and you yell, “don’t go in the street”, the subconscious mind hears “go in the street.” It would be better to say, “stop”!

After learning about how powerful the brain is and how the subconscious mind works, again I realized why I was challenged with achieving my dreams and goals. Too many times I was focused on what I didn’t want instead of what was possible. I also learned that what a person focuses on grows. Through coaching, I learned to change my thought process and the words I use. I learned to focus on what I wanted to happen instead of what I didn’t want to happen.


What about you? Is your subconscious mind confused because you say one thing and attempt to do something else? And, because of that confusion, you are frozen in achieving your dreams and goals?


If so, then contact Diane right now for a free strategy session and find out how she can be your guide and support to having empowering thoughts so you can achieve your dreams and goals.


Why is Diane the right Health Coach for you?


What is a Health Coach?  Diane is a Certified Health Coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, which means she works with groups and individuals in such areas as weight control, healthy lifestyle and prevention of health issues.  Diane educates and guides you on ways to improve your overall health and wellness.



Diane offers online Health and Wellness Coaching for your convenience, as well as local face-to-face classes.  Follow Diane's blog, Facebook page and Schedule for upcoming sessions.  There are also great resources for healthy living HERE! If you would like more information about Health Coaching with Diane, contact her today and get started on a path to a healthier future.

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