"Taking care of yourself physically to be your best spiritually."


"If you really want something you will find a way;


if you don't you will find an excuse."

- Jim Rohn


Your coaching has been immeasurable for me. I will admit that it was a leap of faith and $ to know if it would be “worth it” or not, and many things I have invested in turned out to be not as beneficial as I had hoped throughout my Direct Sales career. However, your coaching has been extremely helpful just in the fact that you have helped me think different thoughts, look at things differently than I have in the past, and there are so many times that I knew in my heart of hearts that something just didn’t “feel” right in my thought processes but I couldn’t put my finger on it, and you have helped me dig in ad pick it apart to figure out where the “hang up” has been. Many times, I think we just take what others say and believe it, without thinking through if this is applicable for us or not, which I have not bought into as much as some, but am still prone to do at times. You have helped me not feel “guilty” about not “buying in” to every idea or thought process that is out there in the Direct Sales world..some are great, but some are just not for everyone.

I appreciate all the times that you have take extra minutes to go over a sticky thought and that you haven’t been simply watching your clock to say we are done, when in the moment we needed to talk it through.

I will definitely continue coaching and would recommend you to anyone who is committed to improving their life!!!




I was so filled with the messages that were shared – moved first by Diane Burton’s disclosure of her childhood and how she was using her experience to help others. Her message touched me almost to tears, because I have been having to make life-changing alterations to my diet and personal care in the last few years and have been wondering if I should share what I know with others. Hearing Diane’s story made me feel as if God was giving me the thumbs up to share all that I’ve learned about the benefits of natural and organic foods and products for our womanly health!


My only regret is that it has taken me so long to reach this level of spirituality, but I praise God for where I am now.  The Master's Masterpiece has helped me attain this.  Not only for my physical self, but also my spiritual self.


The Lord bless you and keep you,


A group of ten ladies from Dover church of Christ started getting together on Sunday afternoons to encourage each other to get healthy. We read and discuss The Master's Masterpiece during this time. We have found it's not about being on a diet, but about caring for our masterpiece the way God created it to be cared for. In taking care of ourselves in this way we have found we feel better, are happier and have released weight. From early January to mid April we had lost 106.5 pounds! Some of us have even encouraged our husbands and children to care for their masterpieces in a better way.

Ladies Group

No amount of money would be enough for you.  You are invaluable and I'm so glad God brought you into my life.

- Connie

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Watch and listen as Diane reads

successes from some of her clients.

Working with my coach Diane Burton has helped me to clarify my personal "stumbling" blocks that had begun to sour my spirit & hold me back from my desired accomplishments. Through her stimulating & thought provoking questions, I have been able to uncover belief patterns that were not supportive or even true. It is amazing how incorrect thinking & wrong feelings can so easily begin & take captive our potential! Thank you Diane.

I look forward to continuing our work together in the future as well!


May your day be blessed,


Diane is a genuine and very caring person who I highly recommend as a coach.  She is very positive and optimistic, and has excellent listening skills.  Diane has coached me over several months and has taught me about how to treat the masterpiece God gave me.  I always feel better after our sessions."


- Linda

I want to tell the world how very much your tele-class has helped me. I have changed not only the way I eat, but the way I think about myself, and every day gets better. I can say that without a doubt, if I had not taken the tele-class "The Master's Masterpiece", that I would still be stuck at the bottom of my well, with no self-esteem or self-confidence or knowledge that I am a wonderful, worthy, creation of God and that I am beautiful to Him and that I can take better care of His Masterpiece by taking responsibility for my food and drink and life choices. Diane Burton is an angel, sent by God, to help us understand that we CAN do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us. I would recommend this to EVERY woman I know, because I know there is something there that we all need to hear and apply to our lives. Thank you, Diane, for being my angel.


- Debbie

The moment I met Diane, I couldn't help but fall in love with her.  She has depth of character that is beautiful and a joyful spirit that is both refreshing and contagious.  With the creation of "The Master's Masterpiece" she is bringing God's grace and presence to the table - literally.  I am excited for her work to be available to groups all across North America and encourage anyone who has struggled with their weight or an issue that's weighing them down, to seek out Diane for her wisdom and guidance.


- Patricia H.

I have had the pleasure of working with Diane for about four months.  She is a very caring, loving, genuine and enthusiastic coach.  She takes the time to find out what your needs are as a client.  Diane uses different tools from her toolbox to help her clients cope through their pain.  I have become a better person and have been able to grow as a person since working with her.  Thank you Diane for your dedication.



Diane has shown me through her story what I'm doing to myself by carrying the mean/fat girl on my shoulder.  She reminded me how my body is God's temple, not to hurt it by my negative thoughts/comments; starvation/depravation and over indulgences ~ to be thankful for what I do have and to take care of myself internally and externally.


- Maggie

Thank you for the strength I receive from you.

- Jane

From the Ladies Bible Class Diane taught at her local congregation:

The class was very encouraging and uplifting.  I wish I had been offered all this information when I was a teenager, so I could have painted my masterpiece more carefully all these years!  We all need to realize how special we are to God, our Creator, and this material did just that.  Because of this series of lessons, I will strive harder to better understand His love for me as an individual.  I think that if some felt uncomfortable about the weight and lifestyle part, it is because they don't want to hear of their responsibility to God for their health and body.  We do have a stewardship with our health that I believe the American culture has squelched.  Your classes always make me feel perked up and more energetic for my day to day service to the Master.


Thank you for all you do,


Diane's class has truly been an enjoyable, thought provoking, feel good class!  Through God's word, she has inspired me to look at myself as a masterpiece.  As God's masterpiece, I am not without human seen flaws.  But we, as humans, are unique and beautiful in a way only God could create.  Just as we are to feed our mind with God's word and to grow ourselves spiritually, I believe we are to feed our physical bodies, not just healthy food, but healthy living.  Healthy living includes exercise, having healthy relationships with a spouse and friends - to laugh!  It means to strive to improve yourself everyday physically and mentally.  Healthy living also includes being grateful in all situations as Paul was in the book of Philippians.  This class has helped me challenge myself more in new ways!  Thank you Diane for a great class!


- Jinger

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the class.  It's so bizarre the subject came up "The Master's Masterpiece".  I came across an article several months ago similar to this subject. It got me to thinking about my priorities.  Then I thought, "Yeah, all of this is on loan until God returns".  So what am I doing about all this - "Nothing, Not a Thing!!"  I'm letting my body go and in the mean time feeling sorry for poor me.  My mind has to change.  And I said - "wake up and smell the roses"!  So, slowly I am working on my list.  Again, I enjoyed the class and how it helped to wake me up again.


- Donna

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