"Taking care of yourself physically to be your best spiritually."


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Diane is a "From Heartbreak To Happiness" Certified Grief Coach; Holistic Cancer Educator;  Direct Sales/Network Marketing Coach;  NLP Coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); Christian Women's Self-Image Coach, minister's wife for over 40 years; Bible Class teacher for children, teenage girls & adult women; speaker for Ladies events; mother of two, a grandmother and in a leadership position with a direct sales company.

Ladies' Events

Have your Ladies' events become stale and boring?  Are you wondering what topic to use?  The Master's Masterpiece is a series of lessons you can use for a one day or weekend event.  Diane will challenge your thinking about taking care of the body God gave you.  She will guide you towards being the best you can be for God and take care of the body he gave you.


Diane has written some of her own material for her Ladies Bible Classes and is especially passionate about "The Master's Masterpiece," a series teaching women of all ages how to cherish the body God gave them and to help them learn how to take care of themselves physically to be their best spiritually.


If you have your own topic you would like Diane to speak

on, she can develop lessons to fit your theme.

Watch and listen as Diane reads

"I Am A Masterpiece of God,"

by Bobbi Robbins, in a beautiful Ozarks setting.

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Holistic Cancer Educator: Healthy Eating, Healthy Life

Diane received her certification as a Holistic Cancer Educator through the Center for Advancement in Cancer Education, Richboro, PA. As an HCE, Diane will be an advocate to guide you to help enhance nutritional, psychological and immune status. She will be able to provide tools to make informed decisions and to understand options.


Diane believes each person’s condition is unique to them and therefore it’s important for the patient to be involved in the choices concerning their health. She supports self-sufficiency and patient empowerment through individualized and innovative science-based resources in preventive, holistic, integrative, complementary and alternative medicine.


If you aren’t dealing with cancer; however, you want to learn preventive measures, Diane will be happy to educate you on how to have a healthy immune system.

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