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This newsletter will focus on the whole YOU - your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual systems and how to keep them healthy.  Each month, I will give you tips, stories, recipes and insight on what you may be going through right now!  It is like a mini virtual coaching session with The Masterpiece Coach sent right to you.  

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Start here! - Click read more a short 2 1/3 min. video on the 3 Immune Systems from my blog post "You Have 3 Immune Systems - WHAAAT????"

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"...Let's fast forward 43 years: I have kept the weight off!!!  Has it been easy?  NO!   Has it been worth it?  YES!   Have I struggled with who I am and feeling good about myself?  A resounding YES!  Have I looked in the mirror over the last 40 years and still seen the fat girl who was made fun of because she weighed over 200 pounds?  YES!  Even though I lost the weight, I have carried the fat person with me all throughout life.  I had not let go of her- she was living in my head, until January 2011..."

To find out how I got to this place in my life and where I went, read My Story.  You may be going through some of the same feelings and I may be able to help!

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  "Taking care of yourself physically to be your best spiritually."


Is Your Slip Showing?

Have you ever heard the statement, “Your thoughts are showing?” Does this mean others can tell by your words, your actions, the expressions on your face, what you are thinking and whether or not your thoughts are building you up or tearing you down?

So, why would I title this section, “Is Your Slip Showing?” For those of you who have ever worn a slip and it was showing below the hem line, it was an embarrassing moment! I’ve seen women run to the bathroom to fix their slip – they didn’t want anyone to see it! As I write this example, I realize I’m showing my age; however, I believe you can visualize the slip below the hem line and how you don’t want others to see it.

Yet, are we ever embarrassed by allowing our negative thoughts to show? Are your thoughts causing emotional clutter in your mind?  In our next newsletter, I'll share what emotional clutter is and ways to release it from your life.  However, let's continue with the thought of our slip showing...

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What is Detoxification: From The JP Company 

Detoxification is the term used to describe the process your body goes through to get rid of toxins. Detoxification
symptoms-both physical and mental - may appear when you alter your lifestyle by starting something new, such as
changing your diet or exercising, or by discontinuing a current habit, such as eating chocolate or drinking coffee.
These symptoms include headache, stomachache, cough, diarrhea, skin eruptions (rash), clogged sinus, and fever,
as well as feeling run down and irritable. The symptoms may be of short duration and slight irritation, or they could
last longer and cause you considerable discomfort. Because these symptoms are the same as those that show up in
certain illnesses, changing your diet or lifestyle can result in misunderstanding: If I am doing something that is
supposed to be good for me, why do I have these symptoms?
Why do I feel worse, and not better? Understanding this apparent contradiction is perhaps the first, and most
important, hurdle you must get over when making a dietary or lifestyle change.

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Recipe: Cauliflower Stuffing

I prepared this for Thanksgiving instead of eating the traditional cornbread dressing (which is one of my favorite foods.) What I discovered, is it’s the taste of the sage I love, so this cauliflower stuffing took care of that! Even my husband thought it tasted good (although I made the traditional cornbread dressing for him.) And, this is great to make year round – not just Thanksgiving.

 For those who have an issue with gluten or are wanting to stay away from corn and other grains, this recipe is great. 

Shopping List

1 onion 
2 large carrots 
2 celery stalks 
1 head cauliflower 
1 small cont. fresh mushrooms
fresh parsley 
fresh rosemary 
fresh or ground sage 
1/2 c. vegetable or chicken broth

Click read more for DIRECTIONS!  ENJOY!

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